Register now

All hashers that have pledged can add their extra details here. You’ll need to transfer the balance of $250, together with a full rego form, by 31st August 2019 to complete your registration

Further Registrations can also be lodged with the accompanying fee of $360 due by April 2020.


When transferring money to us, add your Hash name and Adelaide Nash Hash

Our bank account is at Beyond Bank, BSB 325-185, Account name “Adelaide Nash Hash ’21 Inc.” and account number 03734095.    Adelaide Nash Hash should be acceptable as an account name.

Alternatively, if your bank is registered with the Osko system you can transfer using our Osko PayID which is [email protected]


This is also a PayPal ID but only for overseas payments.  Overseas Hashers can pay through PayPal transferring $AUD for the correct amount.

Send via PayPal to [email protected]


  • If you pledged at CrocHash or online then you may know your number. Otherwise leave blank.
  • Select the size you require
  • Indicate the type of run you prefer. We have recently added a cycle option.
  • Indicate your drink preference -a survey only at this stage, no guarantee.
  • Indicate if you have any special food needs or dietary items you need to avoid. Vegetarians, Vegans, Celiacs etc declare here and we might advise our catering.