Newsletter No.3

Adelaide Nash Hash (19-21 March 2021) – Newsletter 3


G’day Nash Hashers,

The rush to pay $250 rego balance payments by those 640 who paid a $50 Pledge deposit at Croc has come and gone. After the extended deadline of 14 September we still had over 90 who hadn’t paid, so we sent out lots of phone messages and managed to get about half of them to respond. After a few extensions given to overseas travellers came in, there were still 36 who had Pledged but didn’t pay the balance in time. These hashers can still register but now will need to pay the going rego rate (currently $360) less their $50 pledge deposit.

66 of those who Pledged haven’t yet submitted a full online rego form, which includes their T-shirt size and choices on run lengths, booze etc. It also lets us check your contact details – a lot of the hand written Pledge forms were a bit hard to decipher! Were you pissed or something? If you want a T-shirt that fits then please fill in and submit the form!


The online rego forms (plus details on how to pay for new regos) are on the Register Now page on the website ( Please have a look at the website if you haven’t already. We’ve fixed a few glitches and recently added a Register Transfer page for those wanting to sell their regos. We’ve also added a Pre and Post Lube page, which doesn’t have a lot on it so far – let us know if you want to advertise an event you’re organising. We can try to provide local assistance if requested. Remember also that we’ve added Dark Beer and a Cycle Hash as extra options on the online rego form. If you want to change your choices, or any of your contact details, please let us know at


Only 12 of you have signed up so far for the Cycle Hash on the Saturday. We’ll need a lot more than this to justify hiring a bus and trailer to take you somewhere challenging to ride, so let us know if you are interested.


So far 632 of you have paid and are fully registered. Another 81 of you have submitted either pledge or new rego forms but haven’t yet paid in full. Check the Who’s Coming page on the website for details of who has and hasn’t paid (the password is downdown) and let us know if you think you spot an error.


It was recently announced that there will be a new multi-use space within the Adelaide Showgrounds just south of the city centre that will include an 80 site caravan park when the area is not being used for events such as the Royal Adelaide Show, music festivals and circuses. There will be no cabins on site, but the location will be good for those with caravans or camper trailers. You should be able to catch a tram to the Gaol from there. Construction has already started at the site. We’re trying to get more details and will let you know when we do.


We only got about 20 orders for the promo T-shirts (see the previous newsletters for details), but we’ve decided to order 30 to keep the price down to $25 with postage within Australia. Olive Oil will handle everything once she gets back from overseas later this month. Any late orders should be ok.


It’s not too early to start thinking about Hash Acts for Nash Hash. These will be on the Saturday night. Why not start coming up with ideas and getting your club interested? The more acts the better!


We have confirmed the booking of the old Adelaide Gaol as our main venue. We have booked the “New Building” (built in 1878!) and surrounds for Friday 19 March to Monday 22 March, and

the entire Gaol for Saturday 20 March and Sunday 21 March. The New Building and outside areas are the party areas where we can eat and drink (once we get a liquor licence). No alcohol is allowed in the Main Gaol so we’ve only booked that for Saturday and Sunday – you can take self-guided tours then and we’ll get access to a couple more toilets and a meeting room. We’ll construct the stage and bring everything in on the Friday before the Welcome Party starts at 6pm, and remove everything and clean up on the Monday. That’s the current plan anyway!


On On,

The Adelaide Nash Hash Committee

5thNovember 2019