Newsletter No. 2

G’day Nash Hashers,
If you Pledged before or at Croc Nash Hash and haven’t paid for full registration yet, we have some good news – so please read on!

After Croc we had about 640 Hashers who paid a $50 Pledge deposit towards “Back to Back” $300 regos. The $250 balance was due by end August 2019 and our Rego team (mostly Blowfly) has been kept very busy lately processing these payments. We currently have 484 fully registered and paid (including a few who didn’t pledge), with another 156 or so who have paid the $50 Pledge but have not yet paid the balance. Rather than take this extra Pledge money and go to the pub, we have decided to extend the deadline to pay the balance by a couple of weeks to 14 September. So pull your finger out if you haven’t paid and go online ( to fill out the full rego form and then transfer the balance of $250 by 14 September to be fully registered. Details of how to pay and the rego form are on the Register Now page.

If you still haven’t paid by 14 September, you’ll have to pay the going rego rate (currently $360) less your $50 pledge deposit – so at least you won’t lose the $50! Note that Pledges aren’t transferable – but full regos are. We’ll be adding a Rego Transfer page on the website soon.

If you didn’t pledge at Croc, full rego is $360 until end April 2020, after which it goes up to $410 (until end 2020). Note that we’ve kept the prices the same as Croc. If you have any questions about regos send us an email at

We’ve now added Dark Beer and a Cycle Hash as extra options on the full online rego form. If you want to change your choices to one or both of these please let us know at The cycle hash is for those who would prefer to ride a bike rather than run on the Saturday of Nash Hash. We’ll try to arrange one of these if there’s enough interest. If so, you’ll have to bring or hire a bike and helmet.

Blowfly has been arranging some group discounts for hotels in Adelaide. We’ll add these to the Transport & Accommodation page on the website in due course. There’s no rush as most hotels can’t be booked until March 2020 – a year ahead of Nash Hash.

Thanks to those who took the time to submit answers to our questionnaire about what you would like to see at Adelaide Nash Hash. It’s still open for more feedback - click on this Survey Monkey link:

PayPal has been successfully tested for overseas rego payments and is now an option for overseas transfers only. Details are on the rego page on the website ( Please don’t use PayPal for transfers within Australia.

We’ve sorted out most of your email addresses now, but some of our emails still aren’t getting through. Please check your junk email folders and add our email address(es) to your list of trusted contacts. If you are unsure of your registration status go to the Who’s Coming page and check there. If you think you have paid and your name is not on the list then contact It is easy for us to check and advise.

If you missed out on our Adelaide Nash Hash promo t-shirts at Croc Hash and would still like to get one, this is your chance! Order a t-shirt for $25 (includes postage) by 14 September (deadline extended by 2 weeks).
Ladies cuts, singlets and ultra larges are available to order in the designated colours – see images below (please note: we need to have a minimum of 30 t-shirt orders for another print run). Please email Olive Oil at with your order and include the following details:

Ladies t-shirt cuts and colours (note: t-shirts will be indigo and singlets navy):
Mens t-shirt colours are the same as the Ladies – just a different cut.
*Please do not submit payments until all orders are in. We will notify you when payment is required if we have enough for a final order.

T shirts

*Please do not submit payments until all orders are in. We will notify you when payment is required if we have enough for a final order.

On On,
The Adelaide Nash Hash Committee 1st September 2019